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Fucked up part I

The last night was an evidence that alcohol is bad
At least when you have a look at Anni and Dani today ^__^*
Both drinking some tea because of their hangover and Dani is still lying in bed, exhausted.

But if you think that only the outcome is worse. No way. Look at how fucked up the night was

Anni is preparing our whatevers

We really look like fuckin bitches. *shrug* Don't mind.

I actually think I wasn't that wasted

That was the home part. Getting ready, getting drunk and stuff.
Then we made our way to Jack The Rooster.

Little steps because it was impossible to walk on icy ground with highheels...
Anyway, we do look a lot better at this pic eh?

Unfortunately Dani was taking pictures the whole night so she hasn't been visible on one of those -.-
But here a part of the drinking crew.

And the thing we always knew: Anni and Matti get along with each other quite fine.


Matti & Anni dancing before saying Bye. Us: "Wow they get along..."
After saying bye. Dani:"And that are the hottest titts in town." - Matti: "harrharrharr" *smiles all over his face*
Anni: "iihhh he gave me a kiss"
Dani:"you'll be with us in Germany"
Jimmy: "yeah. Great eh?"
Dani: *looks at Pilvi* "Yeah we'll look after him. No chance to do anything over there."
Nadine:"Jimmy, sorry. But no acohol, no cigarettes, no drugs. Bedtime at 10p.m."
Pilvi: *satisfied*
Jimmy: *afraid*
Anni is wearing her glasses.
Matti takes them away and places them upside down on this nose.
Anni:" you wear them the wrong way." *laughing*
Matti: *smiles*
Anni: "It is wrong way round." *laughs hard* *almost cries of laughter*
Nadine: *looks and them and is confused...* What the fuck is so funny?
Sitting at the table. Anni wants her glasses back.
Matti: *making sweet eyes to twist her around one's finger*
Dani: "Matti stop this. It does not work with Anni."
Matti: *disappointed* *tries desperately to look even sweeter*
No chance.
Jari is cuddling with Dani.
Nadine: "You are cuddling my girl."
Jari: *afraid* *cuddles Nadine, too* "Better now?"
Jari: "Or do you still hate me?"
Nadine:"I never hated you..."
Jari: "you wanted to hit me with your car."
Nadine: "Yeah right. But I don't have a car. So I hit you with my bike."
Jari: "Ohhh.."
Nadine:"But actually I don't have bike yet..."
Jari: "So you don't hit me"
Nadine:"I'll kick your leg."
Jari:"So I won't die now."
Nadine:" Not NOW!"
Jari: "Great." *looks totally afraid*
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